Reap what you tweet aka ‘Poop gets in your eye’

I suppose some of you have heard about the Chris Brown-Twitter Hiccup. For everyone else (which is probably everyone), it went like this: Brown tweeted something and then a Comedienne used that to say something about him beating up Rihanna. I wrote “Comedienne” but it wasn’t funny. What followed was an interesting exchange of gross insults (really gross, there was something about pooping on one’s eye and I did not make that up because I would have no idea how I ever would have come up with that). Then Chris deleted his account but it’s all good Breezers (that’s his fanbase, y’all), he’s back again.

NOW! So far, this was something that happens about a gazillion times each day on the internets, because before you are nice, you rather threaten someone to poop in their eyes even though the actual act is probably really difficult and oh my God, it would probably infect (remember the fart-scene of “40-year old virgin”?).

But then – because this exchange – due to Brown’s popu…eh, notoriety – caused an internet-shitstorm (I suppose in a storm-scenario it would actually be easy to get it in your eyes), the Comedienne wrote something to explain. And she didn’t apologize which is fine but she wrote something that made me raise my eyebrow and make a disappointed-teacher face.

I was raised to not respect a person who doesn’t respect others.

(I know what you’re thinking and no, I don’t know what Zach Braff was doing there at the beginning of the video)

That sentence caused Spiderman cancer. Me? Not so much because my immune-system is apparently stronger than Spidermeme’s (haha, see what I did there?). Anyway, what hurt me was – and I might be off here – the paradox that also very often accompanies the usual eye-for-an-eye discussions and which is the reason why even people who are decent can be total dickholes sometimes. And I feel bad for the Comedienne because if she disrespects Brown because he disrespected Rihanna, then the Comedienne has to disrespect herself and may not deserve being pooped in the eye (sorry folks, I seem to be obsessed with this idea) but she can’t really complain afterwards because to her logic, it’s super ok to treat someone like shit if they treated someone like shit. Or is it rather like, killing someone who killed someone but miraculously expecting that you yourself still shouldn’t be killed because….erm….well…LOOK; A BIRD!

Where was I? Oh yeah, look Comedienne, it’s ok to be a dick on the internet, everyone is. But don’t drag moral grounds into your petty little Twitter fight with Chris Brown because here’s a little secret – no one ever wins.


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