TimeOut: No, now is not the time

So, after my last serious post some time has passed, and then this shooting happened and it’s horrible but the reactions and the media coverage, it’s always the same and sometimes it can make me just as sad as the actual killing because so many people get angry instead of sad and then they need to take their anger out on something or someone and the whole sadness and compassion gets overshadowed by all this hate and it’s heart-breaking.

No, now is not the time.

I get it, I really do. But please, let people grief, give focus on the victims for a single minute, don’t wash away their faces for political reasons, take a breath, gather yourself, let the parents, other relatives and friends deal with the shock before using them as an argument for gun control, because seriously people, before we pour names into the statistics, let’s be a little human here, ok? Just for a little while.

And leave the hate, leave the anger. It’s hard but it’s making everything worse. Don’t just think of gun control, think of the mental health care system and the social services because even with all the guns gone, there will still be the broken, frightened and lonely people that feel like there is no other way than to take their anger, frustration and desperation out on others. Society has failed them as well. Let’s not just take away their means, let’s take away their reason to kill someone. Or at least try it.

And think of this as the media unfolds on this like an oil-spill, because whenever this happens, I think of it:


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