Maybe Spongebob found something better…

Hey you guys, I am ridiculously sorry, I keep on saying, I’ll catch up with the writing and then I just don’t. It’s not because I don’t love you and it’s not because I am a lazy fuck. It’s actually because I am busy right now. To bridge the gap of non-existent entries with an existing entry, here’s a picture of a pineapple I saw in Berlin last weekend and the conversation about it I had with a friend:


Me: Oh man, there’s a pineapple, I got to take a picture of it.

Him: Why don’t you take it with you?

Me: And then?

Him: Then you have a pineapple.

Boy, you couldn’t make that shit up. My life is crazier than both “Hangover”-movies which I haven’t seen but suppose are crazy because the trailers pretty much tell the whole story. Play me out, Scott!



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