Coogans Super Turtles: It’s a triple Cover-Off!

I come from a relatively small town in the Northeast of Germany and for quite some time I thought that it musically was the worst place to be. Quite a few years later that suddenly changed and a lot of beautiful bands sprouted from my generation. I wasn’t in any of them, which is good for everyone involved but I know a few, others have been on the periphery of my social circles and there are even some whose parents I know through my parents – it’s the curse and blessing of a smalltown. There are specifically three bands that I always love to endorse when I talk about the shiny town of Rostock: Supershirt, Talking to Turtles and Coogans Bluff. They all know each other one way or the other, University, school, friends and musical projects, we are a small version of Portland (like, a minisculely small version – and “minisculely” might or might not be a made-up word here).

Those three bands now decided to give all Rostock-born party-people who usually gather here around Christmas a very lovely gift – a concert. But not just any concert. Each band covered songs by the other bands and this was a very interesting experiment, as Supershirt are hipster-electro-geniuses, Talking to Turtles do the softest and sweetest indie-folk music and Coogans Bluff are the raddest Rock band that grows and grows and grows.

Anyways, so covering each other was pretty daunting, because they also had to change musical styles from the original versions to their specific genres. I don’t think they were the first bands ever to have an idea like that but it’s still a freaking awesome idea. It also showed the strengths of each band. When Coogans Bluff covered Supershirt, each song turned into an 80s German punk anthem that could burn the house down, Talking to Turtles showed the vulnerable side of Supershirt’s lyrics, Coogans Bluff did wonders with Talking to Turtles’ songs (which are composed so expertly that they held up in each genre) and Supershirt managed quite impressively to create party-monsters with everything (I bet they could do the same with “The Vagina Monologues”…I am waiting for it). Extra points went to Talking to Turtles for knowing all lyrics by heart without bringing cheat-sheets.

The show itself was a blast and a wild ride. I’d love to hear those versions on tape, there were two or three cover-songs that I really loved and one that blew me away (Talking to Turtles’ “In the future” covered by Coogans Bluff – epic), so I would pay good money to have this one in my hands, or rather on my mp3-player, please, make it happen!

The bands also did some of their own songs and you might know this from your hometown bands, but every local concert is this kind of special, you know people in the audience, exchange smiles and feel just very happy. Some parents of the bands were there and that’s always the greatest, it couldn’t get any more Christmas-sy (well, it did when they donned reindeer-head-thingies).

I nearly lost it by the end of the show, when the guitar player from Supershirt and Coogans Bluff’s drummer got together to play “Autobahn”, which is a song from their incredibly awesomey-saucemy band “Mumpel Murks und die Herrscherin der Galaxis” aka MmudHdG. I had dreamt that it would happen but I never dared to hope.

The night ended with one of the coolest dance nights I had since months. It was just the right amount of cool music, not so cool music and outright hilarious music and I was a little sad that my bestest dance-buddy was in Stralsund and couldn’t rock out with me.

All in all, it was the best and hopefully the start of an annual tradition.



4 thoughts on “Coogans Super Turtles: It’s a triple Cover-Off!

      1. Ah, but have you tried?
        Have you ever really tried not to like that song anymore?
        I know it can be done. I myself have one enjoyed the music of X-perience, but THE LORD has freed me from my wicked desire. Through a strict regimen of prayer and contemplation I have been washed in the blood of the lamb. Today, I am completely heterosexual into bands you probably haven’t heard of.


      2. Well, I’ve heard they have holiday camps now where they can free you from your sinful desires, maybe I try one of those next year…


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