Bloodflower grows out of The Last Republic’s ashes…and it blooms.

Oh Kardomah aka The Last Republic, I still have a demo of their first songs lying around and it reminds me of my time in Cardiff and the first truly great concert I experienced there. Now, this year sadly brought an end to The Last Republic, like so many bands that I got to know in Wales. However, with good music, usually something blossoms out of the ashes of each dying project and only a few months later, Jonnie Owen contacted me to tell me about his new project “Bloodflower”.

I had just started a new job and immediately said that I would love to listen and review Bloodflower but that it would probably take a million years because work and stuff. But here we are, not one, two months later and so far, I’ve only listened to his song “Indigo” and boy…what a surprise.

It’s always interesting to hear solo stuff when you know the music of the original band by heart.Well, solo is a little wrong, because Jonnie works together with Tom Manning who does all the juicy-producey-stuff.

I still was really surprised that Bloodflower apparently is more of an electro-percussion piece that personally reminds me of certain Peter Gabriel songs (which – as you know – is always a good thing). I have to admit, the first, stripped down seconds of the song left me worried because it could have turned into horrid industrial-shlock but then Jonnie’s voice (which can carry mountains, if you ask me) and a great compositional staircase towards an incredibly full sound took over. “Indigo” is beautiful and I can’t wait to hear more, boy, do I love it when letting go of a band also means getting some new impulses.


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