Playlist that funky music

Hi Music-friends.

Some of you may know that I do dabble with local radio and still have a monthly show at my hometown-radiostation. Now, I would not really want you to listen to it because I ramble a lot and even worse, I ramble in ze German but I do keep a Spotify-Playlist since a couple of months now and thought I would share it monthly (if I think of it) with the complete playlist as written by me for prep, including all the bad research I do for my shows. December was particularly horrid because I featured my best of 2012 (and missed about 5 – 10 bands and songs) and therefore didn’t do any research. Don’t ever try to be spontaneous without any notes at all, it may sound paradox but in the world of radio hosting, it’s the worst thing you can do for your listeners, especially if you record from home and therefore don’t have two or three songs between takes to think of something funny/informative to say (the so-called “fillers” like “erm”, “eeeh”, etc. mainly come from not knowing what to say and therefore stalling through annoying sounds that help you bridge the gap between your actual thoughts).

Anyway, here’s the January issue (follow the link) which was pretty cool, even if the editing nearly killed me because I mixed up a couple of songs and instead of changing it back I tried to reassemble everything and it took so much longer that I was really really mad at myself afterwards. You will see that I started this list in July, so you get half a year’s worth of music I listened to. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Sonic Superstore January

01. Nada Surf – Blankest Year

02. Robert Jones – Everything is fine

03. Incubus – 11am

04. Beach House – 10 Mile Stereo

05. Kings of Leon – Knocked Up

06. The Stranglers – Golden Brown

07. Echo & The Bunnymen – Ocean Rain

08. Beirut – Nantes

09. Great Lake Swimmers – your rocky spine

10. Sparta – Lines in Sand

11. The Music – Raindance

12. The Deadly Snakes – Gore Veil

13. Modest Mouse – 3rd Planet

14. The Decemberists – January Hymn

15. Menomena – Ghostship

16. John Grant – Sigourney Weaver

17. Laura Veirs – wide-eyed, legless

18. Badly Drawn Boy – The Shining

19. Interpol – Lighthouse

20. Dire Straits – Romeo & Juliet

21. Elbow – asleep in the back

22. I am Kloot – Over my shoulder

24. R.E.M. – Nightswimming

25. U.S. Royalty – Voice Memo

26. Family of the Year – Hero

27. Luke Temple – More than Muscle

28. Laura Marling – Rambling Man

29. Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros – Home


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