Hey! Don’t metz around, kid!

It’s January, which means that I personally will spend this month discovering all of the music that I missed out on last year. Well, this month and probably the next twenty years as well. Anyway, I stumbled over this fine piece of noise called Metz. They are aggressive, loud and are not too fond of melodies which now and then is just the right thing to blow through your ears, just to get the dust and some neuroses out. Metz are from Canada, because duh, every cool Hardcore/Punk/Noise-outfit somehow is from Canada and if they aren’t, they get relocated by angry people with black-rimmed glasses and jeans that are so tight that they haven’t felt their legs for the last six months. Their feet are big and purple, pumping with the rhythm of their hearts and so they have to buy bigger and bigger sneakers, until they can’t get any bigger sizes anymore and build their own shoes of bubble-wrap and trash bags around their swollen feet. And this whole thing makes them so angry and frustrated, that they want to listen to Metz all the time because it’s the kind of relentless amalgam of powerful noise that it evaporates all the reasons to scream at little kittens and spit gum at birds.

And of course, they are under SubPop, what the hell did you expect?



One thought on “Hey! Don’t metz around, kid!

  1. I laughed at your characterization of Canada and noise. Then I looked through my collection and, you are SO right. Nicely done!


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