I am Kloot – Let it all in: Welcome first favourite of 2013!

Oh, this band. This band is symbiotically forged with Elbow because they are friends and managers and producers and according to the adorable rendition of I am Kloot’s song “To you”, they are also engaged which is simply beautiful if you ask me.

Anyways, this band – who are still on my list of “greatest most intimate concerts ever” – will release a new album soon and let people listen to it and it is so gorgeous.

I am Kloot are the kind of band you want to listen to when you sit in a pub and you are depressed and it is raining. I quite often have to think of the series “Black Books” when listening to them because it also is a little depressing, a little gloomy but has many traces of beauty. The album opener “Bullets” even features a bluesy guitar-part that fondly reminds of the “Black Books’” theme-song. Oh, and this album. It is all. It is tender and vicious, powerful and delicate, opulent and stripped down, sad and uplifting, angry and forgiving. I generally love everything this band puts out but whenever I hear “Hold back the Night”, my mouth slowly opens and forms a silent “Bill & Ted”-Woah, because it’s exactly why this band is a real diamond.

Smashing live band, the older I grow, the fewer bands I actually want to see live but this band – always.

It also features “Even the stars” which is a couple of years old but has been transformed a little and it sounds a little more otherworldly than the version that I knew.

Personally, whenever I listen to I am Kloot, I feel as if a weight has been lifted, everything becomes a little more bearable and sunny which is weird because their lyrics are rather cynical and cheeky. But hey, who says that painting the world black can’t be liberating from all the false hopes and dreams actually optimistic music builds up?


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