Favourite Song: Daniel Norgren – Whatever Turns You On

Last year, Daniel Norgren’s very short and badly lit show at the Spot festival was one of my favourite shows of the whole year. It was also the one show I really wanted to see at the festival, after I had listened to about 40 to 60 bands within a week for preparation. It was just this amazing thing after listening to all those songwriter/electro/indie/wave-bands to suddenly hear this really old-fashioned guy hurling out the Blues and not giving a damn. I would find out that Daniel Norgren is one of those guys that everyone knows who likes the Blues but who is pretty much invisible anywhere else. Which is a damn shame because I – myself not necessarily a major fan of the Blues – think that he is simply a great musician who is great and simply great whether you like the Blues or not. It’s all about honesty and listening to his music is just moving. Whether you get into a little jig or cry your heart out, it’s all raw and it’s there.

So, he did two new songs for 2013, the lovely “Though it aches” which holds up to its title and “Whatever Turns You On” which is the kind of song that makes you see the light. And I don’t mean that it kills you or anything but that it lends light to your life. It’s actually older than 2013, but I think he released it finally into the world or rather the parts that can’t go to his concerts.

It’s actually the kind of song that can make me cry a little because it’s so lovely.



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