Jenn Grant: ‘The Beautiful Wild’ is wildly beautiful

Yay, it’s January and I already have my great Singer/Songwriter album. Last year it was Anais Mitchell, the year before it was Laura Marling and this year – for now – it’s Jenn Grant who does remind me of Laura Gibson and now and then but only in the slightly 40s feel of some of her songs. Jenn’s album is a gem, it immediately drew me in, it’s full of great melodies and a very heavy country-twang. Jenn is from Canada and already has quite a few albums on her belt. I seem to really get into this kind of music since I got infatuated with Neko Case’s “Deep Red Bells” but what can I say, there is a hypnotic beauty in songs like “The Fighter”, especially with this dreamy melancholy that is absolutely necessary for country.

The instruments on the record are also very classic, I love the fiddles and the whiney guitars, I don’t think I have to say that I also love the banjo because I always love the banjo wherever it happens to be. Furthermore, though, Grant’s voice is incredible, she can hum the softest tunes but still can belt out some great melodies and I don’t know why but songs like “I want you back” makes me think that she ties bows with her voice, amidst the very strong melodies she now and then plays around with them and tweaks them a little which is pretty and elevates some of the songs that could be sad but instead make you smile.

In short: What a lovely album.

This song is one of the reasons why I decided that I really need this album.


3 thoughts on “Jenn Grant: ‘The Beautiful Wild’ is wildly beautiful

    1. The perfect mood for country is usually the miserable-drunken one. It’s pretty close to the perfect mood for Blues which is miserable, drunken and world-weary.


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