Nico Vega ‘Fury Oh Fury’: Holy Moly, this is some serious Rock-gem right here!

Yeah! Rock!

Nico Vega are a pretty awesome band that took about four years to release their sophomore album. It’s not here yet, instead we get a feisty little taste with their EP “Fury Oh Fury”. Now, two years is pretty normal, one year is exceptionally fast, three years is the amount of time that fans can stomach but four years? That’s a bunch*. However, judging from the EP, the great guys and the greatest gal will have a great album with “We Are The Art” that quite possibly could be worth the wait. I am lucky though, I didn’t have to wait because I only now discovered them.

Their music is the perfect amount of kick ass Rock’nRoll, very nice female vocals with a lot of grit and I totally want to be friends with Aja Volkman, I bet she could teach me how to drink good Whiskey and how to open a beer bottle with my armpits.

Holy mother, she’s amazing on record but live – epic. Now I really want to see these guys live.

The greatest is, though, that the songs are so freaking catchy. Ok, so far, I’ve only listened to six but those are stellar, it’s very easy to hit repeat because they are colourful, versatile and very energetic (and with energetic I mean a nice mixture of manic and hyper).There’s a lot of material on the album that I’d love to dance to and the older and grumpier I get, the less that happens (except for embarrassingly cheesy popsongs) with any kind of alternative and indie-music. They also channel a lot of the 70s in very cool solos but have a modern sound all the same (the magic that makes Qotsa so alluring). And during a time of the year where I couldn’t be any more tired, moody and tired, this is like this Espresso specialty where they also pour in some sweetened milk and that has a very fancy name that I can’t think of right now. It’s cool, though, usually, I am the straight black unsweetened coffee type of gal, no fuss, no stress, but this little espresso-thingy is really cool, y’all. And it…also…is…SUPER ROCK’N ROLL…to make this jump of thoughts less jumpy.

To sum it up: Nico Vega might be the/my new thing that will get played everywhere because who doesn’t love some earthy, finely tuned Rock with awesome melodies, actually beautiful and alluring solos and a lot of fun on the way? Urgh, how cheesy did that sound? Get off my lawn, cheese!

This is not on the EP but who the fudge cares, it feels like the great Gods of RnR have come down to turn Volkman into a priestess of awesomeness.

*My theory is the old treadmill. They had quite a few songs out for some time, but if you don’t have a label and/or the means to do everything yourself (which is a bitch), it now and then takes a lot of time till you can release something. It’s a relief that it did happen in the end, I would have missed out on some seriously great piece of music.



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