Apparat ‚Krieg und Frieden‘ – Oh theater!

Just a short one but listen, erm, or read. Apparat is in the widest sense an electronic artist. And “in the widest sense” means that amongst all the other crazy things he does musically, there’s also some very sweet electronic music and great arrangements. “Krieg und Frieden” apparently was inspired by the stage-adaption of the novel of the same title. As a soundtrack, it features few lyrics and very wide soundscapes that span over footballfields of airy, beautiful compositions. And I mean compositions because Apparat works with an orchestra, so you nearly smell the dusty wood of the stage. It’s a great piece and – like most of my favourite electronic-ish albums – is very atmospheric, very understated and spacey without being simplistic. As I wrote the last time when I mentioned Apparat on this blog, if you ever wondered how a relaxed and less sad Thom Yorke would sound like, this might be perfect for you. And maybe, this even gets me to read that monster of a novel, only to see how well it fits the mood of the album.


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