Favourite Song: Japandroids ‘Fire’s Highway’ and some mindless jabbering

I was visiting my hometown last weekend and as usual, it was nostalgic, great but also a little depressing. I don’t know why, whenever I visit Rostock I love it, but boy, am I happy to leave again. I suppose it’s just all the baggage of years in that city that creeps up on me whenever I step out of the train. It’s not like I changed when I moved to Berlin but at least I don’t get reminded of how little I changed with every memory-ridden street, market place, club and person I see.

Departure from Rostock – one eye is crying, the other is twitching maniacally

Oh, and family…isn’t it weird that they always know you best and not at all at the same time? They are like Schroedinger’s biography family photo album . It’s freaking me out every time I am reminded that for them, I am forever six years old, doing something that’s apparently so cute/funny that it has to be mentioned every freaking time we get together. Just dozens of memories that get rehashed, until they are burned into your retina. I am not bitter, I love them all, all the people I leave behind when I leave that city and I miss them when I am back in Berlin, I really do. But I never wanted to stay there and there was a time when I panicked thinking that I would be stuck there forever. I can’t even explain it because it has nothing to do with the quality of Rostock. It’s not you, Rostock, it’s me!

Anyways, long, rambling story short, I felt very inspired by this song while I was thinking of all this emotional crap. I don’t even know whether it actually has anything to do with this issue, lyrically. But here ya go.

It’s weird with this band, I interviewed them last year and really liked the album but never really thought about it afterwards. And last week, it somehow came up on my never-ending playlist and it struck me like lightning. It’s buzzing with excitement, so maybe the usually lethargic Winter-time helped because it juxtaposed the energy of the song. The whole album feels like a kick into the behind but the motivating kind, so it’s all good.


14 thoughts on “Favourite Song: Japandroids ‘Fire’s Highway’ and some mindless jabbering

  1. Rostock seems to have a depressing vibe whether you were born there or not.

    isn’t it weird that they always know you best and not at all at the same time?

    I can’t relate. My family doesn’t know me at all period. Not that I don’t like them. Oh let’s be honest, I don’t. Not that I dislike them. Just … They are too different. Or I am. Same thing.


    1. Well, Rostock can be nice, when it’s sunny and you are in the pretty parts of the city – which are small but very pretty. And the people are great.
      And I hope that being alienated from your family at least makes for less problems canceling family events. There has to be some good about it, right? RIGHT?


      1. I’m quite relaxed about my own family. If I feel like visiting a birthday party, I do, and I leave when I get bored.
        With keoni’s family, it’s a little more tricky, because she likes them and wants me to be kind.
        I think the whole concept of family is broken. People feel obligated to like each other although they clearly do not communicate. I say fuck that shit.


      2. I now imagine that you think of me as Samuel L. Jackson and I would thank you for not destroying that illusion because it’s very flattering and I’d like to keep it for as long as I’m able to go on fooling myself.


  2. Odd. I find the Japandroids to be a bit depressing. I’m the only person in the world who doesn’t get them.
    Rostock? Half the German natives I know come from there. It must be like my hometown (somewhere in the desolate middle of the US) where it’s a great place to be from and not such a great place to actually be.


    1. I do find some Japandroids songs to be rather melancholic but not depressing but it’s definitely not just happy-go-lucky music.
      I suppose that most somewhat smaller but not too small towns have that weird sensation of having to leave them in common. It always makes me think of Lou Reed and John Cale with “Smalltown”.
      And I never knew that people from Rostock are so fond of moving to America…weird.


      1. Well, in a commercial, 4 people would be enough to say something along the lines of “50 % of all German immigrants are from Rostock”. I’ll take that and I will spread it around just for the fun of it.


  3. Celebration Rock is filled with a feeling of nostalgia and those pangs of youthful abandon, so I could totally see how a trip home could open your ears to something new in this record. And ‘Fire’s Highway’ is a perfect example of Japandroids knack for putting youthful reckless abandon to tape.


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