Comic Time! Ryan Andrews: This was our pact

Ryan Andrews - this was our pact
Ryan Andrews – this was our pact

I love this guy, there is an ease in his storytelling and illustration that feels like floating along a river. And whaddayaknow, that metaphor fits his newest, beautiful story. Ryan Andrews always incorporates very old-fashioned elements of stories, very old stories, the ones that you tell around a fireplace. You know, for Native Americans, not everyone was allowed to tell certain stories, it was something that was passed on over generations and only the gifted were allowed to tell them because you have to bring them to life. They are there to entertain but also to teach about your history and about rules and being. Andrews does this perfectly in every one of his comics and you never know where the journey leads you.

6 thoughts on “Comic Time! Ryan Andrews: This was our pact

  1. I might get tempted to like the idea that not everyone is allowed to tell stories, but then I think about what the majority might consider a well-told story, and I shudder, and turn away.
    (Can’t say I enjoyeed the comic. I’m willing to accept the proposition that it is good, just not my thing.)


      1. Dan Brown deserves to be stoned to death. He deserves to be lowered, very slowly, into a vat of boiling oil, starting with his toes of course.
        Stephenie Meyer’s stories are timelesse pearls of wisdom and entertainment compared to his dreck.
        btw: I really can*t deal with the smoking bear. It wasn*t the dealbreaker for me, but if I’d otherwise liked the comic, it might have been a problem. I realise this is completely my fault, though.


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