Lazy Sunday: Tough Cookies

Sorry for the absence of music related articles this week, I am trying to finish the third book of „A Song of Ice and Fire“ before the third season starts and that took up most of my evenings this week. The rest, I spent getting drunk with colleagues, having awkward conversations with handsome men and finishing those conversations with a high five-meets-handshake-desaster that shattered any possibility of a blossoming romance. But I have to take it like a man, which leads to the point of this entry (but not really, because it’s quite a stretch from my romance-handshakes to knife-wielding cookies but wouldn’t it be great if it wouldn’t be any stretch at all? My life would be awesome):

tough cookies

By the way, if your cookies are too tough and challenge you to knife-fights in the kitchen, put them in a Tupperware box and add a piece of apple, that will help turning them soft and harmless again. True story.


4 thoughts on “Lazy Sunday: Tough Cookies

    1. Yeah, I am pretty shocked as well but it shows that my dedication to anything is fleeting, like a weak butterfly in the wind…maybe, though, I just try to postpone reading, so Mr Martin can finally finish and I won’t have to suffer through years of waiting for the next volume.


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