and you say, get over here and play a sexist video game…Anita Sarkeesian will help you, though!

I wrote about Anita Sarkeesian before who is awesome because she looks at tropes (mainly concerning female roles in the media) and analyzes them in a rather scientific manner which is rare and rarely well done in the world wide internetz. It’s therefore a pleasure that she started a new and very elaborate project on the subject of video games and female characters in video games.

Whereas most of her previous videos had a running time of 5-10 minutes, this new series seems to hit the 25-30 minutes mark which is great because it’s thorough. As I previously wrote, I might not agree with everything Anita says but the way she looks at tropes, clichés and boobs is interesting, sometimes funny and fortunately not polemic.

Now, I am not a gamer. I now and then play some games as old as time itself but I have neither the patience, nor the money to buy and play anything remotely modern/relevant. But I am always fascinated with gaming, it’s a great medium and a brilliant story-telling device and I think that nowadays, games can have as much impact on pop culture than movies, books and TV. I just wanted to clarify that before someone thinks I do play video games and calls me a witch (because female gamers don’t exist, right?).

And no, I will not play Lana Del Ray with some song about video games. Instead a huge chunk of my childhood summed up in bleepbloopbleep, you and I both know that we will enjoy this a lot more than that other song.

Update March 24th 2013: I had a few people telling me that all this is super-old and the topic itself has been covered numerous times but given that Sarkeesian has actually been victim to – dare I say it? – Online harassement, I’d say that it might not be as “old” as we like it to be. How old can something be, if people feel personally attacked if someone talks about sexism in video games? I mean, we all know that it does exist so that can’t be the problem, so what is? That some of us (and with “us” I don’t mean us feminazis but us people who like diversity in pop culture) would like to see less sexism in video games? Urgh, don’t you hate it when that happens? Next thing, you can’t slap a woman’s butt if you like the look of it anymore…


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