Young Fathers ‘Tape One’: It’s like a wonder sometimes how good Hip Hop keeps on happening…

These guys actually released their album “Tape One” in 2011 but they recently signed with the label Anticon (also house to Why? And 13 & God ) and now can spread their musical genius all over our ears (that did sound a little off). Alloysious Massaquoi, Kayus Bankole and ‘G’ Hastings come from Scotland and do some pretty cool Hip Hop that mixes tribal music, some Klaxons-like electronics, Kele-vocals and pretty cool oldschool raps. This sounds like a hot mess but is actually very addictive and probably out of the world at a live show. I shouldn’t be surprised anymore when a British Hip Hop acts stays true to the old ways with their lyrics and raps but completely re-invents the genre production- and music-wise but I always am. From Plan B (who I saw once upon a time at 3am on a small stage at the Roskilde festival – bliss) to Scroobius Pip to Young Fathers, there is a real talent to take the good from the origins of Hip Hop and mix it up with the genre-bending present. I personally do think that the album now and then feels a little out of focus but all in all, each track is compelling and really makes me want to see them live.


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