Favourite Song: Modest Mouse – Float On

I recently did some drunk “Rock Band” on the Playstation (I am not sure it was a Playstation, I don’t know my way around consoles and all that technical mumbo jumbo). Anyways, they had a Modest Mouse song (“Float On”) and I was on vocals but we didn’t get through it because our drummer was an actual drummer and he said that it’s a mindfuck to play “Rock Band” when you actually play drums. I do believe him, so this is no raised-eyebrow-commentary on his skills (he also played real drums afterwards to prove a point).

Anyways, I got reminded how freaking awesome Modest Mouse are. I get reminded how awesome they are every other month and then pick one or two of their albums to put them on heavy rotation. I got into Modest Mouse pretty late, I think I got acquainted with them through “Dashboard”, so yeah, I really didn’t grow up with them, but I grow older with them and that’s also something very beautiful because the more I listen to their music, the more I realize how perfect they are for pretty much very occasion. Isaac Brock has a real talent for lyrics, so far, I haven’t heard one song that I couldn’t somehow relate to. And the music is this perfect mix of dream-like “Dramamine” and their ventures into (intelligent) pop like “Float On”. Oh, “Float On”, just like “Dashboard” it just deals with the crap that life throws at you and makes lemonade out of it. Crap lemonade. But seriously, it is a thing of magic that they have such dark and sinister themes (lyrically and musically) but never sound depressing.

(Although I only sang the first three lines approximately four times until we got fed up and tried another song, it’s a fun song to sing because you can go all out)


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