Skating Polly is your new angry, energetic, fun and awesome favourite band, you guys!

GREAT Band. Usually, this garage punk that blends 80s and 90s is not my thang, mainly because a lot of those bands do the same song eleven times and call it a day. Not Skating Polly, though. They have Regina Spektor in their list of influences and you can actually hear it in traces. The two amazing gals performed for the first time at a Halloween party back in the days of 2009 (remember 2009? Lindsay Lohan was not yet a criminal – blissfull times) and they are from Oklahoma which is fun to say for me.

They released their debut “Taking over the World” sometime around 2009 and now they have a new album “Lost Wonderfuls” out and it is amazing! It’s gritty, dirty, messy and has great pop melodies and is a fun little bag of surprises. Kelli and Peyton – who are super best friends – share the vocals and it’s a bliss, you have Peyton with a beautiful voice that has a lot of technique (really, she puts little details in her vocals that are gorgeous) and then you have Kelli with a nasty, gritty punk-vibe that juxtaposes perfectly and brings a lot of energy on the table – not that they lack it, the whole album sounds like it could power a whole village for a year.

I’d say, if you start with the album, give it three songs before you make up your mind because they start out with a noisy little punkster and then show of some of their love for Nirvana only to venture into some shoegaze and so on and so on. Even the last song is a little surprise, it is a gem, you can listen to it over and over again and still find new things, little harmonies, guitar lines or some snarky drums that you haven’t noticed before. I haven’t been that pleasantly surprised since Robert Jones and I hope that these ladies make it to Europe/Berlin one day, so I can see how they kick ass live.

They are also fun!

One week only, the album on!!!


6 thoughts on “Skating Polly is your new angry, energetic, fun and awesome favourite band, you guys!

  1. I spent my morning commute listening to their first album. Wow? And Wow! They’re too young to have the punk attitude they have. They’re too old to be precocious. They’re fascinating in almost the way Courtney Love or Marisa Paternoster must have been at age 13. Hopefully they have Courtney’s success with Marisa’s sanity.


    1. Yeah, they combine the best of the worlds and I guess, they are nowhere close to Courtney’s antics, at least in interviews they seem pretty down to earth and haven’t mentioned any vendetta against the muppets or something like that.


  2. Listened to their new album on the subway to and from work yesterday and I LOVE it! Really really want to see them live – maybe X could bring them out as opener?!? THAT would be a hell of a show. New album was produced by Exene Cervenka!!


    1. I think it’s awesome that pretty much everyone who listened to their music really wants to see them live, it’s a good sign and speaks for the producer to get that vibe on the record.


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