Emily Wells is another loopacris artist

One of the great things of being into not yet famous bands is the fact that small bands and artists still have a huge bunch of random music tips, whether from bands they played with or from their own record collection. I am not doubting that Coldplay and U2 don’t listen to other bands anymore, but usually, when they talk about this “really cool new band” that they’ve recently listened to, it’s a band like the Alabama Shakes or Bon Iver* (fyi: Neither U2 nor Coldplay did mention those bands, at least not that I know of, it was just an example).

My freshly found love for Skating Polly blossomed into a freshly found love for Emily Wells who is one of the great loop artists that know how to work it (think of Jamie Lidell but with tons of instruments). Skating Polly will soon play together with her and also promoted her on the interwebs.

She plays every instrument ever invented and has a very haunting voice and her music is the same. She sometimes even raps without embarrassing herself and there is this one song where she reminds me a lot of the great Shara Worden even though her voice is less of an angry forest queen and more of an angry siren.

Nothing against those bands but…well, it’s not really a treasure-find now is it?


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