Mozes and the Firstborn: Love at first sight from the Netherlands

I got a mail from Siluh Records recently, presenting their newest signing, a band from the Netherlands called Mozes and the Firstborn. Aside from the weird spelling which would also fit to a Hip Hop group, I read their bio and it reads like a manifesto of Kanye West’s little brothers. But their music – oh boy. I can’t even put a finger on it, because I could roughly describe it as retro rock and be done with it and everyone would be like, ‘Great Juliane, that’s like describing someone and saying it was a guy with dark hair’, so I will try to be a little less vague. Mozes and the Firstborn have a certain 60s garage band sound to them, the kind that was still a lot into song structure and melodies but without the beach and without the surfboard and definitely without the Rockabilly. Add to that some 90s alternative, but not the angry grunge-kind and more the aloof Britpop and Blind Melon kind. So it’s a 60s Garage Punk meets 90s Alt-Pop child of love if you will.

This is one of the many references to other genres they pull off, they also have some bitchin’ guitar songs and some rock monsters up their sleeves

I was put on the guest list to see them live because you have to see a Rock’n Roll band live before you know what they are about and I tell you what: They are about potential. I don’t mean that in any way condescending because to have potential, you don’t have to be only so-so, you can already be fantastic but make people be really excited for more. And that’s what I felt when I listened to them for the first time on tape (aka youtube) and I felt it even more when I saw them live (They totally look as if they just walked out from the set of “Dazed and Confused” which is cool in my book). They have a certain something that immediately stuck to my mind and made me want more. Maybe they are the musical version of “The Stuff” but even if they turn me into a mindless zombie, I am all for it!

I am incredibly excited for their album to come out (apparently due in September?) and I am dying to see them again live because there is energy on the stage and they love playing and they are not a one-note band nor are they overly ambitious, in fact, it was a pleasant surprise to see how well these guys play together and how amazing they sound in a live setting (even in a club that might not have the best acoustics of all time).

Edit April 20th: Apparently, the album is already out, at least in the internets, so let’s bask in the glory of Bandcamp and give it a listen (spoiler alert: it’s super).

Kudos to their singer, he was spot on the whole show through, considering that there are quite a few songs in their set that are very easy and completely understandable to mess up a little (heck, the singer of the main act did that in the first minute of their set) but the vocals were pitch perfect and showed a great range (getting from “What’s wrong, Momma” to “Gimme Some” to “Waiting for something New” is quite something).

I suppose the chronology of the band’s videos can be determined by the hair-length of their singer

I did not arrange an interview and now I truly regret it. But here’s the thing: They are awfully young (I am not sure how young they actually are but I felt old seeing them on stage, so…) and the aforementioned bio text reminded me of the few interviews I did with awfully young men in bands and those were usually very exhausting because raging hormones make for very reluctant and cocky interview partners. I suppose, though, that Mozes and the Firstborn don’t fall into that category because seeing them live shows a little of the guys behind the music and they seem to be pretty fun and not too cool for school. So, on their next stop in Berlin, I will totally try to drag them in front of my recording mic, promised.

Here’s a nice dollop of the 90s…gotta love that so far, every single of their songs could be a favourite for me


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