Lazy Sunday: Just be super, you guys

It’s spring! Ok, it has been spring for weeks now but it starts to feel like spring. It gets warmer, rainier and I don’t have to fight off so many yetis on my way to work anymore, yeah! So, I thought I post one of my weird mobile phone pictures of things I saw and thought ‘Woah, that’s really cool/funny/weird’, like this huge canister of some sort of cleaning liquid that might or might not (but possibly not) turn you instantly super if you drink it. I didn’t drink it, though, because I am already super, so I might or might not (but possibly might) have evaded death by cleaning liquids but also – and this is a little sad – death by being spontaneously super.

Translation: Spontaneously Super
Translation: Spontaneously Super


Everyone who knows Dave Chapelle will find this instantly 100% more super.



16 thoughts on “Lazy Sunday: Just be super, you guys

      1. That gardener is magic. And I never considered that it must be a hundred degrees under those hoods. They should have gone with glasses, works wonders for Superman (not that he was racist…I think).


      2. And with the new Google technology, AR glasses can show you exactly what race the people you see belong to. You no longer have to rely just on skin color and your own rudimentary knowledge, you can now access racist data bases all around the world for a detailed racial profile of the uppity lowlife you’re trying to exterminate.


      3. Too bad that the Klan isn’t a thing here in Germany, that might actually makea viable business plan.
        So, what do you say, we split 50-50 and start up our national chapter tomorrow. You can be Grand Dragon, crimson is not my color.


      4. I just realized there are really very little black people in Germany. We should take that into consideration and make our local chapter against some other group more prevalent and universally hated.
        How about those pesky freelance financial consultants? They’re worse than lacewings, and my cousin Bodo is one of them. Oh I’d love to lynch him, I’d just love to, can we, can we, puhleeeeze?


      5. Hey, we can hate on anyone we like, this is a free country, so add those minorities up it will also help potential members to sympathize with us if there is something for everyone in there. I really don’t like people who dress like they are from some clichèd version of Peru, you know, with an ethnic poncho and sandals. They usually also have one or two but not all strands of hair bunched up in a weird dreadlock. Those people should definitely be added to our hathate-list. A “Hat-List” is something else, we should consider, though, it could be awesome.


      6. I’m not sure what a hat-list may be, but I’ll just assume it’s a list of people you hate hidden unter your hat because you might not want everybode to see if you hate them all the time, so that sounds like a famous idea, and yes, we should add those people to that list, as well as women in those ridiculous high heels who complain all the time that they can’t do this and can’t do that and basically can’t do anything in those shoes except stalk around like they are some kind of clumsy and thus doomed species of exotic bird.


  1. If we start soon, we might at least be able to outdo the SPD in the next federal elections, maybe even the Pirates (because I bet half their members would switch to us as soon as we go public).


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