Sin Fang: Just a short Icelandic treat

Sin Fang is the solo project from Sindri Már Sigfússon who initially started the project Seabear as a solo project, then suddenly had a thousand band members and apparently tried again to do the solo thing under yet another moniker. His new album “Flowers” doesn’t sound like a solo project, though, it is a weird, very Icelandic-sounding indie-beauty with – excuse my German – “entrücktem” charm which is a lovely word describing something offbeat but without the negative connotation. Iceland has very flickering, fun music but always through the lens of people who grow up with instruments in their hands (they have quite good music programs at school over there). That means that they construct the kind of intelligent pop that could play on every party and on every festival without bumming out the dancing drunk kids but still manages to have depth. It is also so heartbreakingly beautiful at times that you want to be somewhere beautiful to match all the senses.

And because it is slightly surreal music, I take this as the perfect opportunity to just inform about an entertainement-news-story that actually – for once – was pretty awesome. Benedict Cumberbatch, apparently the new geek-girl’s dreamboat, had a weird stalker that tweeted everything he did right when he did it, which is both unsettling and hilarious (in an unsettling kind of way). He later found out that it was a neighbour and a friend talked her out of this weird hobby and she even baked him an apology-cake. To quote myself on this: This sounds like the next Charlie Kaufman script and I want it now!


5 thoughts on “Sin Fang: Just a short Icelandic treat

  1. Sin Fang. I heard about them while obsessing over the Icelandic band Tilbury last summer. Liked them both, but Tilbury still get lots of play from me.

    So someone was stalking the new Sherlock Holmes? Charlie Kaufman could do great things with that story. Great things, indeed.


    1. Gotta see what Tilbury have to offer then…Iceland is really one of those weird very small places with a disproportionally amount of great bands.


      1. If you’re familiar with Grandaddy and Sparklehorse then that would give you an idea of what Tilbury sounds like. If not, two more bands to check out.


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