Lazy Sunday: Mark Wahlberg’s shirt-buttons

I drew this after I saw a picture of Mark Wahlberg in a shirt. Look at any shirt of Mark Wahlberg, it will always be the same, this guy doesn’t simply wear a shirt in his size, he picks the one that barely clings on to dear life, like a soulmate that’s about to fall into the pits of hell. In the upper left corner you also see the attempt at the tense mouth of the button in the lower part of the picture. I messed up the first attempt because I drew two buttons which makes no sense because they wouldn’t close anything. I guess, I just liked the imagery of two buttons, like in “Titanic”. So obviously, one would not make it through the red carpet-event that Mark Wahlberg went to and there would be a wooden door involved.

The brave and desperate struggle of a button on Mark Wahlberg's shirt
The brave and desperate struggle of a button on Mark Wahlberg’s shirt

To all of Mark Wahlberg’s brave buttons out there:


3 thoughts on “Lazy Sunday: Mark Wahlberg’s shirt-buttons

    1. Although I share the sentiment that I’d rather have no button and Wahlberg instead of Gerard Depardieu (who by the way resembles Uncle Fester in a wig more with each day), I am generally pro-button unless the weather is too hot to wear a shirt or he is doing a show in a strip club or has some other understandable excuse of buttoning down.


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