Tilbury: Iceland did it again!

After my Sin Fang-post, my fellow blogger jhubner73 introduced me to Tilbury. We are not talking about the big band that started 1919 with railway workers as musicians and who nowadays look like half of them still consist of the founding members (oh, how ageist, Juliane!). We are talking about an Icelandic outfit of fine young men that apparently started like every other Icelandic band – as a solo project that couldn’t contain its awesomeness and spilled over to other people who then formed a band. They put out their debut “Exorcise” in 2012 and it is the kind of mellow, slightly fuzzy indierock that is perfect when you feel existential fears and emotional turmoil looming over your head and just want to take a breath of fresh air to clear your head. Hey, did I just connect the album-title to the cathartic wonder that is Tilbury’s music? I guess, I did. They have some pretty cool synthesisers in their music which always reminds me of dystopian Sci-Fi movies from the 70s (this is not the first time I am writing this, it’s officially a music-genre for me).

I am also deeply in love with their cover-art, everything that reminds me of Charles Burns is fine in my book.

Tilbury “Exorcise”, Cover Art by Hugleikur Dagsson


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