Roxy Jules will rock your jewels, lol

It’s the time of the month where I have to (not want to, not like to but have to) listen to some new music because otherwise I would have to play the same song 24 times during my radio show. Not that I would mind, if you ask me, “No Rain” can never be not great but I guess, not everyone is that open to 90s altpop.

The good thing, though, is obviously, that I get out of the usual summer-rut, during which I return to old records and artists because we are comfortable with each other and get to know some cool new artists.

Like Roxy Jules, for example, who is the Danish version of The Duke Spirit and The Black Angels which means that we get a huge load of brooding and dangerous Desert/Blues Rock. It’s pretty awesome and wins through surprisingly short songs that are like fever dreams. Roxy Jules is the brainchild of Julie Runa who is from Denmark and put a spell on Manoj Ramdas and Sofie Kvist to play in her band. Don’t worry about them, they got fresh virgins every full moon out of the deal.

They just released their second album “Roxy Jules II” (I guess, they do the whole Led Zep-shtick with that, ahem, creative name) and hopefully frighten more than only Danish children in the following months (aka go on tour) because if I have my post-apocalyptic zombie dreams (which I actually have quite often), I’d like to have the right soundtrack for them, so I can feel cool while I cry-kill the undead.

Also, give a sweet shout-out to the awesomeness of Pad & Pen Records who unfortunately are no more, because having a label is hard and selling meth makes a lot more money these days which is sad but true. I will miss Walter André and Jesse Troels and their great band finds.


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