Modest Mouse work on new stuff and why it’s ok to be angry about it

So, today I got a mail that the Modest Mouse tour in the UK and Europe has been canceled. First, I was worried because I thought that someone in the band got sick or had some emergency in the family, boy, I heard and read that a lot in previous years and I understand and feel with the bands and musicians all the way.

But then, they wrote that they decided to cancel the tour because they want to work on their album.


The comment section of their Facebook-post is quite interesting. Many American fans are super-happy that there will be another album, one or two even wrote that it sucks to be European and that it’s cool to be American because Modest Mouse will probably tour the US first as soon as the new album is out. I am glad that I know enough kindhearted and awesome Americans to not go all hog-wild on those few idiots but I sure hope that, if they attend that MM-show, an entire basketball-team will stand in front of them and sing along very very loudly.

Most European fans are angry. And many not so angry fans tell those angry fans that they shouldn’t be angry because Modest Mouse don’t owe us anything. Well…they don’t, really. But here’s food for thought: I don’t owe them my unlimited understanding either and if I was really looking forward to this, paid money to see their show (and in some people’s cases paid non-refundable festival tickets, hotels, train- and plane-rides and more) and was very glad that the show wasn’t sold out which might not be the case when they tour next year…then I don’t owe them a happy face lingering with suppressed emotions and a potential ulcer in the making. I have enough ulcers in the making, there’s no need for one shaped like Isaac Brock’s face, even though that would be pretty cool in the X-Rays.

I get it, the artistic spirit is free and you can’t tame the muse once it got to second base. I am happy that there will be new music, I love Modest Mouse to bits, I might not be a die-hard fan (more a “Die Hard”-Movie-fan, haha) but they are one of my favourite bands and I can’t get enough of their wonderful stuff (little “Simpsons”-wordplay, here).

But it is – in my humble opinion – a huge dick-move to cancel any tour a week before it starts instead of thinking it over or at least postponing it. It lacks a little class and respect towards the fans and I was angry and I still am a little upset because that’s how emotions work, you can’t logic your way through a fit of rage, heartache and disappointment. That doesn’t mean that I won’t be happy to hear new material, nor does it mean that I won’t buy a ticket for the upcoming tour (if I get one!!!), so please, peace-loving Modest Mouse-fans that want to tell me how to feel: Don’t. Just. Don’t.

Edit: Just rub it in, Spotify

modest mouse spotify rubTranslation: You’ve listened to Modest Mouse, would you be interested in a concert?


10 thoughts on “Modest Mouse work on new stuff and why it’s ok to be angry about it

  1. While I am a passionate disdainer of live music, I agree with your argument and understand your feelings, in a way.
    Maybe you’d like to try a piece of my English serialized novel Angelic Duties as a consolation? It’s completely free and available …
    Guess I’ll leave now.


    1. Well, the normal tickets can be returned, that’s how they wash their hands clean of the filthy trick they pulled on the stupid fans. But it’s pretty douchy. I’ll be sitting down on that date and read Angelic Duties and I will have so much more fun than at their stupid show…


      1. Well if I buy a car and don’t pay for it, I can’t just say “Guys, you can certainly have your car back, but, you know, I don’t owe you anything.”


      2. Ok, I actually kind of agree but it’s like having a doctor’s appointment: if you come late, all hell breaks loose and you have to pay for the fudging session anyway…if the doctor lets you wait for 2 hours, that’s just the way how it is. It’s a mad world, Charlie Brown.


      3. Well sure, I don’t want my money back if the band is a little late, that’s not what we’re talking about, but if I make an appointment and he then refuses to see me because he’s rather write a paper, I might not bother to sue him, but I’m certainly not going to say, well, he doesn’t owe me anything, and at least I get to read his paper, so yay.


      4. Ok, if I ever get close enough to them, I will totally slap Modest Mouse in their faces, scream “You Owe me!” and then run away, giggling and arms flailing. That’ll teach ’em!


  2. That’s bush league. If you book a tour and sell tickets for said tour, you sure as hell better play those shows. That’s how you lose loyal fans. And as far as them not owing European fans anything, that’s bullshit. They owe fans the same courtesy regardless of their global position. How much time does a band need to record an album? Normally being on the road gets the creative juices flowing. They could bring a laptop with ProTools along and record sound checks. Sounds like a lame excuse to blow off a whole portion of the world.

    It’s just kinda shitty on their part.


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