Favourite Song: Natasha Khan ft. Toy ‘The Bride’

Ok, I am going by NME-information here, this song is a different interpretation of an Iranian song called “Aroos Khanom” by Amir Rassaie from the 70s. I am not sure yet whether the song irritates me but it is intriguing and that always counts for something.

Toy – who a friend recommended to me recently – are a psychedelic outfit from London and props for letting Khan use a voice that she probably never ever used with her solo stuff. And boy, she should really get into that, the already vocally divine world of Bat For Lashes could become violently dangerous if Khan would use those warrior-like-cries more often. So, even if I probably need another 10 or 20 listens to decide whether I actually like that song, it already wins because it is interesting, unusual and a trippy…really…if you get paranoid when you smoke da weed, better don’t listen to that song, it gets a little crazy towards the end.



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