Pop-Pick of the month: Robin Thicke ft. Pharrell ‘Blurred Lines’

Of all the producers/performers that mark their songs so much that the actual artist on the track is hardly recognizable anymore (e.g. Pharrell Williams, Dangermouse and Timbaland), Pharrell is definitely my favourite because he has spunk. His new song with singer Robin Thicke and some apparently still necessary rapping by T.I. (I thought we left it in the 90s that every RnB-song has some sort of rap-part in between but I guess I was wrong) is superb.

The song does remind of Justin Timberlake’s first ventures into solo artistry – also produced by Pharrell – and therefore sounds very much like summer. However, instead of channeling that slightly annoying Michael Jackson-falsetto-voice, Thicke* pulls out his rich vocals and helps the song to be a lot more fun and get a certain block-party-feel to it. Sure, it is a little hectic and juggles with a few elements too much (which is a thing right now with quite a few popsongs because apparently the big-shot-producers don’t know the difference between complex and freakishly messy), but I really smiled when I heard it the first time and it’s really fun to shuffle along.

Close second: I couldn’t escape Macklemore and Ryan Lewis with “Can’t Hold Us” (ft. Ray Dalton*), their song is a little more put together but lost because even though I appreciate the dramatic break and the stomp-clapping that will make sure that this song is a favourite amongst dance-groups and/or cheerleading-teams, I thought that “Blurred Lines” was a little more joyful which is exactly what we need during summer.

*They all sound a lot like John Legend but that’s cool.



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