Quickie: Savages ‘Silence Yourself’

This British band with a front woman from France creates a beautifully sinister mixture of dirty 70s punk, 80s new wave grandeur and the kind of swiveling guitar party that made bands like Bloc Party so damn successful. It’s Post-Punk, y’all and it is a fine, damn fine example how to use the dark wave of the 80s without turning it into droning snooze-fests or boring copies of the same pop-song over and over again. Savages are ready for the radio, meaning that their songs are pretty catchy and do quite well on the dance-floor. At the same time, their tracks are paranoid little monsters that feel like someone is creeping over your skin (“I am Here” will do PJ Harvey proud). If you hate being happy during summer, this might be the perfect album to ooze some hate on the sidewalks and make some joyful people in summer clothes slip.

I am very glad that my never-ending mixtape of songs to play after the apocalypse has another hit to kill zombies to.



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