Sonny & The Sunsets ‘Antenna to the Afterworld’

From now on, whenever someone asks me, how the hell Alt-Pop sounds like, I will gently shove them into the next record store and hand them Sonny & The Sunsets‘ „Antenna to the Afterworld”. What starts as an album that suspiciously sounds like a beachy 80s Shoegaze-piece, soon turns around and shows an impressive array of numerous other genre-influences, all mellow, soothing, happy and beautifully relaxing. The one common denominator is the heavy bass-line that always places Sonny & The Sunsets at the very centre of the 80s, fishing bits and pieces from all other decades to have a nice fish stew.

Sonny Smith – who leads the band of happy misfits – is a pretty cool dude who writes music since quite a while and also did some one-act theatre-plays/songs which sounds very New York in the late 70s (and I mean that in a good way).

It’s the perfect music for people that like the beach but only if they can still wear their leather jackets aka me!


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