Cover me badly: James Ray ‘Got My Mind Set On You’

The cover version by George Harrison is one of the many songs that marked long trips in the car with mix-tapes by my mom. For a very long time, I thought that it was a song by ELO because the slight Rockabilly-vibe and the backing vocals in the song are ELO’s trademark. That should be no surprise, though, as Jeff Lynne (If I am not mistaken) not only plays in the video but also produced Harrison’s album “Cloud Nine” which features this song.

Little did I know, that this is an actual Rock’n Roll tune from 1962, originally sung by James Ray and written by Rudy Clark. Clark is some sort of pop-wizard because he also wrote the insanely awesome “Shoop shoop song” and “Good Lovin’”.

Little fun fact: “Got my mind set on you” was the last #1 Hit in the US performed by an Ex-Beatle. It must kinda suck that it wasn’t even written by Harrison.

I usually tend to pick the song I heard first as my favourite and Harrison’s version was a huge part of my childhood but I’d say it’s a tie because the original…man, Ray’s voice sells this thing and he could sing it without any backing instrumentals and it would still be gorgeous.



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