The Soap Box: 5 off-topic issues I had during June

I picked up some topics over the last month that I really wanted to rant about but then forgot because time is precious and I spent it with other stuff (like eating and watching tv). So I stole a very neat idea from Muriel over at Ueberschaubare Relevanz and did a little collection of bits and pieces. I am quite sure, most of my arguments (if there even are proper arguments) are weak and half-assed because of the time-issue but hopefully, my point comes through nevertheless (imagine me screaming these things while I am wearing a tin-foil hat and a crack-pipe and you have a clear image how I reacted to these things originally).

1 Johnny Depp is embarrassing me a little. He turned from a well-respected actor to the weird uncle you always thought was cool but only now realize is kind of crazy. However, I can live with his weird hippie-cowboy look, his “musical” efforts and the same character in every Tim Burton-movie.But it got a little horrible when he first claimed that he had native American blood (yeah yeah, you know about the suffering and the culture and spirituality of Native Americans, I am sure that your spirit animal told you to portray “Tonto”) and it got worse when he then actually thought that he helped to break down the trope of the “Noble Savage” by painting himself in made-up war colors and not wearing a shirt but instead wearing a dead bird on his head. Does Johnny Depp have no people in his environment that had the decency to look at him and say: ‘Seriously, John? Are you fucking kidding me?’ Apparently not. He is the worst.

2 I picked “Blurred Lines” as my favourite pop-song of the month. By now, Macklemore and Ryan Lewis with “Can’t Hold Us“ (who came in second) actually convinced me that their song – although very much like Bubba Sparxxx circa 2003 – is superior. Since then, there’s also been a heated debate over the rape-culture of “Blurred Lines”. To be honest, I read the lyrics before writing my entry and I didn’t really see anything rapey in there (yes, that’s a word, urban dictionary say so). Any Justin Timberlake-song has the same sentiments but JT is charming, isn’t he, so that’s ok, I guess? Anyway, Thicke’s song might be a little cheesy but it’s not really a call for rape in my very humble opinion.

However, I didn’t know the video back then which was inspired by Terry Richardson. Everything inspired by Terry Richardson is sleazy and horrible but I’d say that rather stupidity/ignorance caused Robin Thicke and Pharrell Williams to record a trashy video than actual misogyny. Actual misogyny is reserved for Richardson himself (the fact that feminists like Lena Dunham took pictures with that sleazebag is actually more concerning). I am not really making an excuse, the video choice was bad (despite the, ahem, intent to “shock” the audience…yeah, because music-videos with naked women are so seldom) and the lyrics are macho but – without knowing his other work – I’d say that Thicke is not one of the bad guys – only one of the very idiotic guys.

I don’t see what the problem is, that video seems fun!

3 After Lil Wayne got into trouble because he stomped on the American flag, I did a little research and I got a little angry when I read that Germany actually has a law that makes it illegal to disrespect the German flag. You could even go to jail for that. I don’t think a German judge would ever rule that way because all hell would break loose but still – the law is there and that law says that a flag, a symbol for an idea, is more precious than a human being’s freedom. The law – that should protect the people of a country – would punish the people of a country for defiling a piece of cloth. It’s nearly dogmatic, this ridiculous golden cow, the exaggerated meaning of symbols. I should rephrase my second sentence in this paragraph: I got very angry this month.

They could never use a German flag to pull this off – there would be no humor in it

4 I was a little (but only a little, I am not too naïve) taken aback that most Americans thought that it was pretty outrageous that the NSA read what they posted on Facebook but were really cool that the NSA apparently also reads what the rest of the world posts on Facebook. Look, I get it, every nation, every group of any number of people feels that they deserve a little more rights than any other group but spying on your own country and spying on ALL THE COUNTRIES (google it, you’ll get why this is kinda funny) is bad on both accounts.

It’s really difficult to find a video that doesn’t include the illuminati and Lady Gaga on this…

5 I got into “Fringe” recently and I really like it, it has the “X Files” feeling to it and some nice but probably very bogus scientific concepts in there that make me want to know more about the wondrous world of physics, biology and chemistry*. However, it is a little sad that a show with a female main character and another female character that appears in nearly every episode and works closely with the main character, fails the Bechdel-test pretty much all of the time. It can’t be that hard to let two women talk to each other about something other than a guy. Can it?

*Speaking of which, because fringe-sciences most of the time are bogus-sciences, there is a pretty cool and fun lecture on so-called cranks – who they are, what they do and how they help science – that I enjoyed. It’s not two hours long as the video implies, so don’t be scared.


4 thoughts on “The Soap Box: 5 off-topic issues I had during June

  1. Miscellaneous reactions: if Johnny Depp would drop the “I’m deep” theme and just say that he does things because he wants to, it’d be better.

    Flag worship sucks!

    Here in the US, I think we do us-versus-them so well, we might as well have invented it. ‘Us’ get all the concern. ‘Them’ … not so much. Incidentally, our tin foil hats are better than all others, even the Illuminati. It’s because of our skill in pseudo science.


  2. When did Johnny Depp become Nicholas Cage? Oh, when Nicholas Cage became Michael Madsen. I’m waiting for both of them to have their Mickey Rourke renaissance.


    1. Oh god, with one sentence, you made me really miss the golden days when Michael Madsen wasn’t in every bad made-for-DVD-action-movie ever.


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