Happy Birthday My Blog: I love you guys and gals!

I don’t read many blogs, I must admit. Blame the short attention span of my generation but I generally can’t sit in front of a computer and read something without clicking a dozen other links, listening to music, playing solitaire, coming up with an evil plan for world domination and doing other stuff just for the hell of it. That’s one of the main reasons why I hardly have one of those well-connected blogging-circles. But just as in real life, I don’t really need to know a hundred bloggers, I have a few very amazing people in the internetz, who are not only amazing reads but are also pretty awesome people (assuming that they are people and not cats with fake moustaches pretending to be people).

Ze Germans

Ueberschaubare Relevanz

Muriel is badass (and I know he will enjoy that word), he mainly writes about politics and religion but also does a wide array of fiction, reviews and recently also some online role playing (I assume they all pretend to be cats in moustaches that have adventures in Brussel…). Muriel’s comment sections are frighteningly long, elaborate and pretty well-behaved, considering that he usually writes about hot topics like abortion, circumcision and capitalism (he is a little Ron Swanson on that account). It’s not only very informative and interesting but also very funny which is a rare combination, like a healthy burger or a complex Top40 song.


One of my earliest commenters has an on-and-off-blog with amazing writing on all sorts of things, mainly prose, culture and music and she has a wonderful way with words that – sorry, international readers – might not make it through the language barrier. However, for lovely photos, music tips and the joy in German texts it is worth a look and all the German readers will probably really really love the beautiful theater of her texts.

Ze English

Sounds Like Orange

David writes about music and he does it very well. I never really read any music blogs, I have a good network on labels and agencies, I have a bunch of streaming-sites and listen to the radio occasionally, so usually, I don’t need any music tips from humorless youngsters that try to carbon-copy every other music magazine. For my previous work I once looked through dozens and dozens of music blogs and was a little taken aback how boring they all were. But David certainly isn’t, there is a little surreal edge to his reviews and he writes from a personal point of view and doesn’t pretend he is working for the Rolling Stone or Pitchfork, which means that it’s personal and fun to read. Oh, apropos, he also now and then adds some off-topic-entries which are the salt in the soup of a good blog.


Jhubner is the mother hen of a lot of music bloggers. He is the magical combination of a musician, music fan, 9 to 5-worker and family man. He is what we call in Germany “die eierlegende Wollmilchsau” (look it up, it’ll be fun). He created a little community of people that get to know each other through his blog that mainly features music reviews but also little anecdotes and thoughts on things in general. To be honest, I never stick with a music blog for the music tips, although they are a nice addition, no, I stick with a blog for the writing and the person behind it. And J is a great writer and one of those guys I only know through the internet but whose company I would probably also enjoy in real life (even – or especially – if he were a cat with a moustache). Actually, I think that goes for all the four blogstars (urgh, sorry for that word). So check them out, they are awesomesauce in the sauciest way possible.


17 thoughts on “Happy Birthday My Blog: I love you guys and gals!

  1. Thanks a lot. I had no idea who Ron Swanson is, but I’m sure the comparison is an honor to at least one of us.
    Looking forward to testing your other recommendations.


    1. Damn. Congratulations, of course! I’d forgotten the title by the time I was at the end of your post.
      I hope you’ll stay with us for many more years, because while I don’t really share your taste in music (which is no surprise since I don’t have any), I really love your writing. Pity you didn’t join our rpg group.


      1. Thanks a lot, your lacking taste in music (which is not half as bad as having a passionately defined taste in music) is actually very refreshing and keeps me on my toes to not get lazy on the writing itself.
        To be quite honest, my scatter-brain and inability to commit to anything prevented me from the rpg-group, I know myself well enough by now to not do things that will end in disappointment because I can’t keep a tight schedule.


      2. Well you’d certainly be completely out of place in such a group of highly disciplined and perfectly organized people.
        Thank you for knowing your place. I wish more of you people would.


  2. Would a miniature schnauzer with a matted beard do in lieu of a mustached cat?

    I’m honored you would mention me on your blog’s birthday post. I love reading what you have to share. Folks like yourself are who inspire me to not write a bunch of crap day in and day out because you, and the others mentioned, keep the bar so high. It’s good to be at the cool kids table in the cafeteria. Keeps me on my toes.

    Thank you for the kind words. I think we’d have a great time with out mustached cat and bearded dog. I’ll buy the first round!

    Happy Blog Birthday!


    1. That’s a small but very important difference. Thanks for the kind words even though you are to blame that I spend a lot more time now reading other blogs. I could do NOTHING during that time, absolutely nothing.


  3. Aww … now I’m a blushing orange. Thanks! Surreal edge? That’s better than I ever hoped.

    Your blog is like a constant rotation of things I never would have imagined, but should, even things that cut through my backyard (AIM leader Russell Means once read not-good poetry to my high school class). When you mention an interesting group, I believe it. As a bonus, I love the look on people’s face when your blog title comes up in conversation.

    I’ll have to brush up on my German and check out the other two nominees (I bug that English-language Hubner way too much, anyway!). With a life vest on, I might even venture into the deep end of Sonnenblumenbummesbluete (why can’t English do cool words like that?!?!?).

    Alles Gute zum Geburtstag für Ihren Blog!


    1. Thanks a bunch, I figured, I should finally praise the few blogs that make it on my constant reading list openly. The t-shirts, baseball-caps and coffee mugs are already in production. Oh, and I bet that Sonnenblumenbummsbluete will gladly help if there are any questions regarding glorious words like her blog-name.


      1. Well, I gladly trade but I warn you, Nina Hagen has somewhat become the bad sort of crazy compared to the good sort that initially made her the queen of punk.


    2. Just so you know, I’ll just assume you don’t mind unsolicited advertising, there are some English posts over at my blog.
      You know, like this one, this one (Don’t worry, it starts German, but the important part is English.) or this one.
      Just saying. In case you might want to … well, never mind.


  4. Gosh – I´m blushing… einen Fächer bitte!
    Actually, in my firm, we use a self-made software called ‘Eiwoms’. (Eierlegende Wollmillchsau) ’cause it can do so many things (3D drawings and acoustical simulations and all,,). It´s fun to work with it, so I’ll have to visit Jhubner – I`ll do it right away!


    1. Your firm sounds like one of those creative places you only hear about in movies. And “Eiwoms” sounds like a German children’s book-hero that is all colorful and has a funny nose…but alas, as a software you couldn’t even put googly eyes on him, could you…


  5. Yeah, we´re helping architects all over the world concerning acoustic matters of concert halls, theatres and so on. We also do smaller projects, like schools, so Charlie Brown and Peppermint Patty can understand the woooahhwoooahuuooouuu of their teacher. Your idea of a children`s book hero is quite inspiring!


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