Favourite Song: Laura Veirs ‘Sun Song’

Sometimes I get completely hooked on one album by an artist and then forget about everything else they put out. This happened with Laura Veirs when her incredibly gorgeous album “July Flame” was released in 2010 and marked one of the most hectic years of my life so far (last semester, move to Berlin, first proper job, first proper flat, trying to create a whole new circle of friends or at least gathering those friends that had moved to Berlin as well). Since then, Veirs has also released an album with children’s songs that I haven’t listened to once and before “July Flame” there have been a lot more but so far, I always stop at this one album that is so closely related to my life-story that I can’t get past it (same goes for “Young Man in America by Anais Mitchell) and I am sorry about that.

BUT I will be there when “Warp and Weft” hits the stores because her first single from that album is not only beautiful but also features Neko Case which I didn’t know until her vocals set in and let me do the face that Tom usually does in “Parcs and Rec”.

So, without further ado:

They are actually the best songwriting couple, even though Laura is a little more rural in her folk-music, both she and Neko have this melancholic country-tinge to their music and boy, do their voices work wonders together.


3 thoughts on “Favourite Song: Laura Veirs ‘Sun Song’

    1. Coincidentally (or probably not at all), Colin Meloy is a friend of Laura Veirs. I think she did a tour with him, doing backup for his solo-stuff and I think I stumbled over her because she was recommended by the Decemberists. So, maybe they inspire each other, she also lives in Portland.


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