Quickie: Wildlife ‚On the Heart‘

You know, sometimes I don’t want fuzz or Blues or psychedelia. Sometimes, I want something clean and opulent, a stadium sound that could be played during an Apple-commercial or a hip coming-of-age-movie. Wildlife offer a pretty decent soundtrack for that. They are a mixture of Band of Horses, early White Lies and maybe even some Arcade Fire all mixed up with a little British je ne sais quoi. Their album “On the Heart” is their second album, the band is from Toronto (which is nearly like Britain, you know) and has perfected the kind of excited pop song to feel young (or at least wistfully remember how it was to feel young). Their sound is pretty big production-wise, it’s squeeky clean (Lo-Fi-lovers might cringe a little because you can slip on the floor) and makes me wonder how well it would translate on a stage. But it is really warm and sounds like the kind of music that can pick you up, all with shouted choruses and those motivating drums and even some synthesizers that try to mask themselves as an orchestra. “Bad Dreams” has a great Arcade Fire-opening and then gives you a really great chorus and all in all the album has some pretty catchy sounds to it.

I am not sure how it holds up on the whole because the intensity and climax is really up there all the time (which was one of the reasons why Florence and the Machine’s last album was too exhausting for my taste) and some songs verge on the cheesy side but they offer some nice tracks that would compliment a good mixtape and that’s all I ask of a band to be honest because I am always on the lookout for perfect mixtape-songs.



2 thoughts on “Quickie: Wildlife ‚On the Heart‘

    1. I remember this one seminar about philosophical theories about music and – of course I forgot the name – this one guy said that composers are useless when they always scrape the ceiling with pomp and opulence through the whole composition instead of working with an actual climactic curve. There have to be calmer moments to appreciate the big ones, otherwise it’s like someone screaming at you all the time. It’s like a modern Tim Burton-movie.It’s too much!!!
      And yes, it is more exhausting than metal. Then again, I can actually relax quite well with metal, so I might not be the best judge.


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