Richard Buckner ‘Our Blood’: It cuts deep

Apparently, Richard Buckner does music since the dawn of time or 1994 as some of us call the dawn of time. He used to be a very traditional singer/songwriter and according to the all-knowing Wikipedia, he inspired quite a few famous musicians. His latest album, released in 2011 starts off as a very country-esque album for roughly 30 seconds because it really veers off into dark 90s territories which means that it’s muddier and darker than the modern songwriter-albums (does that make sense?).

His voice now and then reminds me of John Grant (or rather his debut album), as well as some Brian Eno (which is not to say that he was inspired by them but rather for comparison for my dear readers, thank you very much), there is a humble yet intricate way he structures his songs that really opens up after a few tracks. It’s funny, when you listen to an album and think it’s the usual songwriter-stuff and then slowly realize that this is a lot more complex than that. Apparently, “Our Blood” marked a big change in Buckner’s songwriting and if we’re lucky, there will be a new album called “Surrounded” this year that might or might not bring some more oddness to these amazing songs.

It’s also a very great guitar-album, seriously seriously great and additions of other instruments waning in and out of the background create a nice, wider and sometimes more sinister frame to the intimate feel of Mr. Buckner and his guitar.

I usually don’t but I had to post this interview for a few reasons.

A.) I don’t know why but I feel really intimidated by him, he seems very nice but always looks very serious. I would totally lose it doing an interview with him because I ALWAYS try to make the interviewees laugh.

B.) That tiny coffee cup is awesome because it makes him look like he is ten feet tall, I bet we don’t see the interviewer because he is standing on a chair

C.) He reminds me of Bill Hicks. He is really entertaining when he talks but he is so…darn…serious.

D.) He has some pretty interesting about music critics to say. I always feel a little cornered when musicians talk about music critics but he’s not just blaming, he has a good point.


6 thoughts on “Richard Buckner ‘Our Blood’: It cuts deep

  1. Bill Hicks? What a very cool comparison. And i see it, too. Given that I think Bill Hicks was one of brightest minds to think a thought in the last 40 years helps.

    ‘Our Blood’ was the first Buckner album I’d heard and I was impressed. He’s like 4AD version of John Prine. It’s great to discover guys like Buckner, as it makes me realize there’s still amazing artists waiting to be discovered out there.

    Nice pick.


      1. My older brother and I bonded over his comedy albums ‘Philosophy’ and ‘Dangerous’. If you haven’t read his biography ‘American Scream’, you should. It’s funny, insightful, and sad.


  2. Sounds plenty muddy and dark to me.
    His music’s not my cup of tea, but I also think he seems an interesting guy.
    The coffee cup doesn’t seem all that small to me. I don’t drink coffee myself (and rarely miss an opportunity to point that out, no matter how unnecessary), but I’d have called this a standard coffee cup for people who are not cool enough to drink it out of a real mug and not awake enough to completely forego the bitter black stuff.


    1. For me, this kind of cup is usually the granny-cup or the “Downton Abbey”-cup. I suppose it has some practical advantages because the liquid cools down faster but then again, you get three sips out of it and that’s it. Well, each to their own.


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