Favourite Song: White Denim ‘Pretty Green’ is pretty shein

I recently wrote about annoying guitar-soli and I mentioned that well-done guitar/instrumental soli can really add to a song and White Denim are one of those bands that make it work so well on stage. Their music is the right amount of great catchy melodies and instrumental madness and everything works so well together that you float on a wave of feel-good jamming. They also have Steven Terebecki, one of the few bass-players that constantly get hailed at their live shows and who is the women’s magnet of the band (I kid you not, when they played in Berlin, there were these two or three hot and drunk girls that literally screamed his name…or something that was supposed to be his name). Since their cheekily named album “D” (which was supposed to be a pun because of their bandname – “D”Wight Denim – that failed miserably), they’ve released some songs here and there and have been working on their new album that is named “Corsicana Lemonade” and will be with us soon. Till then, we have this beautiful single.

I am not sure how it introduces the overall sound of the album but it seems a little grittier than the previous album and has a traveling-blues vibe to it. I love that it opens up towards the end and goes a little psychedelic there, these guys are best when they go off the rails a little.

A little advice: If they ever play near your vicinity, you have to see them live, they are smashing on stage, I pretty much stood there the whole time grinning because I was so exhilarated.


3 thoughts on “Favourite Song: White Denim ‘Pretty Green’ is pretty shein

    1. Pissed Jeans could be the unruly brothers of White Denim who frighten elderly ladies and throw empty beer cans at the police.


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