Quickie: Lilly Wood and the Prick ‘The Fight’ is subtle summer-pop

Lilly Wood and the Prick is a duo and surprisingly, neither is called “Lilly” or “Prick” but Nili Hadida and Benjamin Cotto. Nili has been all around the world, she was born in Tel-Aviv, grew up in England and then moved to California and then to France, singing Chansons and being an overall awesome person. Benjamin plays guitar.

They play very Californian indiepop infused with 70s funk’n soul and some 90s dancepop/Trip Hop and their recent album “The Fight” is a nice and breezy summer-record that is very laid back and subtle and therefore is a definite slow-burner that offers enough sweet variety and even some disco-songs to survive the short longevity that a summer-record can suffer from.

Plus, I love Nili’s voice, music like this usually has (awesome but) very high female voices that pierce through the night but Nili has this insanely warm and full voice that feels like a hug. Bitches love hugs.

The studio version is less acoustic and has a drum machine and even a piano. It reminds me a little of Zero 7, even the melancholic aspect of their music.


3 thoughts on “Quickie: Lilly Wood and the Prick ‘The Fight’ is subtle summer-pop

  1. Excellent background music (not an insult)! Not too demanding. Not completely ignorable. Like what the Gossip (the disco version) could be if they got mellower.


    1. Thanks for using “background music” as something positive as well. I always feel mean writing it but it is a compliment, after all, bad music is really distracting.


  2. Background music can be some of the best music. When you can enjoy it in the forefront or floating behind you as you rinse dishes, you know you’ve got a winner.

    Zero 7 were always a guilty pleasure of mine. Well, more a pleasure than guilty.


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