Quickie: Ever so Android ‘dto’-EP

Oh, it’s glorious to live in times when genres are blurry lines that can be crossed at any time without the fans and press going nuts. Take Ever so Android, who sound as if Karen O went on a date with the Nine Inch Nails and picked up some Postrock on the way (just to be safe). Their four songs-EP is tight, catchy and makes a wonderful companion on the dancefloor. They also make the Sesame Street-guy that sells Hyphens very happy because you can’t describe them very well without using a handful. It’s dark industrial-electro-dance-rock that also could translate well on stage in a more lo-fi and punked up environment. I am looking forward to their album.

Well yes, they do translate well on stage and I should correct myself: these vocals are a lot better than Karen O’s (sorry Karen, I love you but it’s true).



4 thoughts on “Quickie: Ever so Android ‘dto’-EP

  1. I will definitely be looking forward to this one. So many hyphens, so little time. Where are they from, by the way? Any idea when the full-length will be released? Too many damn questions? Really? Okay?

    Not enough coffee this morning. I’m delirious.


    1. They are from Seattle and so far, there’s no date for the album, they’re touring their EP currently, so I think it might take a while. Also it’s not too many questions, no really, okay!


  2. I could watch this in concert any day! Heck, if I could find a guitarist with that style and pedal board I could sing it. Not as well, but I would have as much fun. I just know it! What a blast!


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