Favourite Song: Ane Brun ‘Undertow’ – it’s enlightened

The first time I heard this song it really blew me away and it does so over and over again, it never stops. Ane’s imagery in this is beautiful and reminds me a little of Peter Gabriel in its clarity. It is one theme, one image that builds up to William Turner-dimensions and it is so powerful to explain the exhausting ordeal of being in love. It’s great that she leaves out whether it is happy or unhappy, this love that is taking her breath and causing her to lose all her strength because even being happily in love can be tiresome because in whichever case – you care so much about the other person that it pains and you lose a certain sense of wholeness about yourself that is scary even if it is worth it.

It reminds me of one of the most brilliant tv series of this time, “Enlightened”, and this one episode (“Lonely Ghosts”), where we get insight into the life and head of one of its recurring characters, an introverted loner who seems sad and tragic and even a little pathetic (played by one of the show’s creators, Mike White, the other being the leading lady Laura Dern herself). There is a monologue at the beginning that ties up at the end of the episode and it speaks about something that many people probably never ever could imagine. The freedom of being alone. I am not saying that it is preferable but it shows that it’s not necessarily a bad thing, it’s not something to despair over. More-so, it shows that love, even being loved, can make you vulnerable and take certain things from you that you might never miss but they will be missing, nevertheless.

The fact that they canceled this gem is horrific but at least it had two beautiful seasons.


2 thoughts on “Favourite Song: Ane Brun ‘Undertow’ – it’s enlightened

    1. It was so hidden and because there are no meth-labs, no Don Drapers and no Game of Thrones-Assassinations, it hardly ever had one of those big viral internet moments. But it’s one of the strongest series and one of the funniest that I’ve seen in a long time. Plus, the ending to season 2 fortunately is balanced out enough so you can enjoy both seasons without getting too bitter about the cancellation (well, I still get bitter but at least there is no gigantic cliffhanger).


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