Goat: Don’t forget that tie-dye shirt, man!

I should know better than to be surprised whenever a band with a certain style comes from a country that seems unexpected. After all, this is the 21st century, everything is possible. But still, to hear a band like Goat coming from Sweden…it surprised me.

I might have read about Goat on some other blog, I can’t remember but I gladly link to it if you let me know. Now, Goat have a very unfortunate name because there are other artists of a wide variety of genres that have the same name but only one Goat plays wild and highly exciting psychedelic artrock that will artrock your socks off. The band comes with a mythology, that’s how freaking psychedelic they are. Apparently, they are from Korpilombolo in Sweden. Once, there lived a witch doctor who practices voodoo but he was hunted and slain by Christian knights and cursed the city.

In 2012, they released their debut “World Music” and it’s a hippie journey into the drug-fuelled, consciousness-enlarging world of crazy music. It’s mostly instrumental and if we hear vocals, they are distorted beach-punk vocals that seem to come from the other side. Their newest songs, “Stonegoat” and “Dreambuilding” have a little more artrock in them (guitarero-pleasures) and are my personal favourites because they escape the late 60s, early 70s a little to create some modern chaos.

Apparently, the band goes on stage with masks and I am quite sure that every show will be accompanied by the faint smell of some form of smoking herb that enhances your mind (at least, that’s what I was told).


21 thoughts on “Goat: Don’t forget that tie-dye shirt, man!

  1. Goat has become one of my favorite bands. In any mood, any time I need music, Goat fits. Sometimes other music works, too, but Goat ALWAYS works.

    So, of course, I’m convinced you have good taste in music.


  2. I am actually quite torn about those Christian knights. It’s a little as with all professional killers. I realize on an intellectual level that their acts are unethical and in many ways not cool, but on the other hand they just are a lot more badass than people who do not professionally kill other people. And Christian knights are certainly more cool than today’s “Don’t protest against being punished for dancing by the government because it really hurts our religious feelings and furthermore you get to dance 364 days a year so what’s so bad about not being allowed to dance for only one day because we thing the not-sacrifice of our god should be remembered that day” Christians.
    Sorry, didn’t care about the music, but enjoyed the video.


      1. Tell me about it. I blame the internet. I am quite sure my attention span wasn’t that short 5-10 years ago. But maybe I just romanticize the past and always was unable to fully concentrate on a 90-minute-movie.


      2. Also, there are no 90-minute-movies anymore. Everyone seems to assume that people will take them more seriously as an artist when their movies need several breaks for the audience to go home, water their plants and celebrate their kid’s birthday.


    1. Oh yeah, those two or three hour-long movies are killing me, especially as hardly anyone pulls it off in a way that you don’t feel like you spent half of your life watching a movie.
      And I like the idea of a cinema-birthday-break.


      1. Although there are exceptions. Django was very long, wasn’t it?
        On the other hand, there are some movies that manage to seem months long although they only run for 80 minutes.
        Episodes of Breaking Bad are notoriously too long, for example. As is the series as a whole. One episode could have done justice to the nice premise, and no one would have needed to suffer through all that other silliness.


      2. Maybe that’s why I never got into “Breaking Bad”. I tried and tried but I gave up eventually, my life is too short to strain myself through a tv-series.


      3. You did not miss anything. I have grown to hate Breaking Bad, which is partially due to everyone celebrating it as if no human being had ever done anything more entertaining and clever, but only partially, I’m sure.
        And keoni even hated it before it was cool.


      4. Now you mention it, she kind of is. I get a feeling she’s kind of warming up towards hating A Song of Ice and Fire, but this time, I’ve got her beat.
        I was already very dissatisfied with the last volume.


      5. no spoilers please, I still sluggishly read through volume #4. You can both try a hate-off where everyone tries to prove that he/she hates it more via creative means (so not just boring old arguments, but also dance, sculptures and angry cooking).


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