Arbouretum: There’s a little bit of everything dipped in epicness…and beards!

Arbouretum make the kind of music that evokes the notion of “epic” within the first seconds. Their beautifully heavy rock music that is pretty referential to the hard rock days of the 70s but has a certain something that makes them modern nevertheless is very very cool and even though Spotify suggested them because I listened to Bruce Peninsula, I would place them closer to True Widow if only for the heavy use of the bass guitar (played by Corey Allender, you beast, you!). Add Dave Heumann who has Spencer Krug vocals, if Spencer Krug would have spent his childhood in the 70s, hunting bears and wolves in the wilderness; Brian Carey being very patient with his drums whenever needed and raging up a (desert-rock-)storm whenever necessary and Matthew Pierce adding all the little and big bits and pieces to round up this mighty fine sound of epicness that musically goes into the direction of the kind of metal of fantasy lore (ever wondered how Shearwater would sound if they were bound to 70s metal? Look no further).

Apparently, this band is from Baltimore and I know what you want to know. And yes, most of them wear beards that have seen the truth. Admitted, they don’t wear nearly as much denim as I expected (and demanded) but listening to their recent album “Coming out of the Fog” that seems to take you into the high heavens, where the storms are the playgrounds for the gods, I can forgive lack of the denim pants/shirt/jacket-combo. The album cleverly places two songs at the beginning that spark your interest, only to suck you into their raging instrumental fury with the third track, “The Promise”, oh, it’s a promise indeed, of music that will defy laws of nature and will make grown men weep with tears of awe. And only to spite all expectations, they follow that song with a slow country-tinged ballad with a sweet guitar-solo that quite possibly doesn’t take itself too seriously. Hell yeah, these guys know their musical backgrounds and are not afraid to stack them up high.

This song is the last song on the album and you might think…what? Another slow burner? But after the stoner-fest that is “Easter Island” this is a pretty amazing choice to get the pulse down and slowly drift out of this amazing listening experience.

It’s a pretty awesome album and one hell of a diverse tracklisting that never really loses focus on the overall picture (the real art of a good album). Rock Music – you’ve done it again!


2 thoughts on “Arbouretum: There’s a little bit of everything dipped in epicness…and beards!

    1. I’d say that leather is not mandatory but might get a few extra-points (however, leather pants are tough because they hardly ever look good on anyone except Joan Jett). Plus, there is always faux-leather, so even the vegetarians can look like a Ramone without sacrificing their philosophy.


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