No music for you! Michael Jones is my new rage-hero

WARNING: There will be strong language in the videos, screaming and Nicolas Cage-levels of rage.

Ok, usually, I spend my idle weekends (you know, the ones where I don’t have outrageous parties with the young and beautiful filled with cocaine and stripper-battle-royals) with burning through entire seasons of ghastly reality shows. I’ve done “Toddlers and Tiaras”, “Breaking Pointe” (it’s about a ballet company and the petty drama that everyone else outside of a ballet company also has but because it’s set inside a ballet company, it’s supposed to be fancy) and a few weeks ago I got into “Catfish”(it’s perfect if you’re single because those horrifying experiences make you believe in bachelorette-ness again). However, I somehow stumbled over “Achievement Hunters” which is a group of gamers who do “Let’s Play“-sessions on youtube.

“Let’s Play” is basically riffing (aka commenting) on a normal game-walkthrough, most of the time edited into entertaining bits and pieces. Because I used to love watching walkthroughs back in the days when we (ze Germans) had an entire program (Giga TV) dedicated to them, I thought I give it a try. However, as a non-gamer, I usually fancy the games with actual story-lines and picked a “Full Play” for a “Resident Evil”-game with Michael Jones in charge. This guy…man. I always thought that Bill Hicks and Charlie Brooker were angry men but Michael puts them to shame. I can imagine that more grounded people than me could find it annoying being screamed at for hours (I am really not over-exaggerating here) but I think it’s absolutely hilarious.

For a small insight into Michael’s rage – his comedic quips, association-jumps and dubbing-talents come through via the “Resident Evil”-Full Play – you can watch “Rage Quit” which features next to impossible games and Michael losing his shit over them.

I would say that this could be filed under the weird parts of youtube if only for the content of the games and Mr. Jones’ incredible swearing talents.

Plus, you get to see some of the infamous viral-games that you would never want to play because they would be too frustrating but can nevertheless experience them through a lot of swearing and screaming. I wonder if enjoying Michael Jones screaming at a computer screen does say something about one’s state of mind. However, I’d say that this is one of the most cathartic things I’ve experienced in months.


2 thoughts on “No music for you! Michael Jones is my new rage-hero

    1. It’s the intensity of reality shows, all those people being so intense about the weirdest stuff. “Achievement Hunter/Rooster Teeth” is different, though, because they play it for laughs and are actually funny (and not slightly disturbing), plus, as of yet they haven’t freaking tanned little kids to look like weird creepy adult-beauty-queens who themselves look weird and creepy, therefore creating tiny double-creepsters.


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