Favourite Song: Waves of Joy ‘Ceiling’ lets the sun in

I remember Menomena’s Justin Harris talking about one of their songs being in a little creative kerfuffle because it sounded too much like Grizzly Bear (which means a lot of piano). I think it was “Plumage” but that actually doesn’t matter now. They changed it up a lot, so it wouldn’t touch too heavy on the Grizzly Beariness and this interview-memory came to mind when I listened to the first few seconds of Wave of Joy’s song “Ceiling”. It could easily be “Two Weeks” ( a song that I am pretty much obsessed with, mainly because of the video) but then you have this mellow vocals and indiepop chorus that turns it more into the direction of Clap Your Hands Say Yeah (without their experimental oddities, though).

Sounding like another band is not a bad thing if you still keep a little bit of your own voice in there and “Ceiling” is such a pretty and sweet popsong that it rises above the Grizzly Beariness and Clap Your Handiness and jumps right into the deep blue sea to swim off the worries of the mainland (doesn’t it sound like the holidays?) . It’s a little escapism for 2 minutes and 40 seconds and their EP “Days of Value” keeps that feeling, even though it gets a little melancholic here and there.

To sum it up: It’s not new or weird but it is the kind of music to pick you up after a hard week, so you can start the weekend with a little skip in your step. Plus, “Ceiling” has pretty much the potential to be one of those songs that eventually land on hundreds of playlists and Mix-CDs (and maybe some mixtapes for the super old-fashioned Hipsters out there…they do exist, I saw one with a freaking walkman only two years ago).


3 thoughts on “Favourite Song: Waves of Joy ‘Ceiling’ lets the sun in

    1. Oh, a Monday-Pick-Up-List would be perfect the next big project (actually the next next big project, as I am currently working on something). If I make Millions with this idea, you will be rewarded with riches and golds far beyond your imagination! Otherwise, you get a list of songs.


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