Lazy Sunday: People of Walmart, here I come – Footloose style!

I had an epiphany this week. I realized that I am in the glorious phase of my life where I really don’t care how I look when I go to the supermarket around the corner. Now, “don’t care” obviously is defined within my view of that phrase, I still check whether I wear trousers and a bra is still not synonymous with a “Tank Top”. However, I can comfortably wear 80s white leather boots, cut off-jeans (the 70s rocker just-above-the-knee-type, not the daisy dukes-type) and the worst comfy sweatshirt that was in near vicinity and not give a damn. And I can see a lady in Ugg boots, pyjama shorts (close to Daisy Dukes-short) and a shirt that is not too well fitting and give her a respectful nod while everyone else tries not to make eye-contact with us.

It’s not about letting go of myself if I want to fancy it up, I do. But I finally reached the age where I know that The Dude had a pretty sweet thing going there – you don’t need to dress up for the supermarket. Now, the only thing I need to do now is to move to Great Britain again, because they have 24-hour-supermarkets and doing your shopping at 3am in the morning in a slack-tastic thrift-outfit (I did it before Macklemore, so get off my back) sounds amazing. And honestly, once you buy a hairdryer, a pineapple and a family pack of crisps (don’t forget, I will be in Great Britain) at 4am, you will not care whether you’re wearing a onesie pyjama…Oh, I can’t wait.

I totally get it now. When I saw this movie with sweet, innocent 15/16 years old, I didn’t know how wise The Dude actually is.

Also, how cool is Kevin Bacon? Kevin Bacon’s profile pic on Twitter is “American Dad’s” Roger from the episode where he got the Kevin Bacon-nose.

I never sat through the whole movie but this scene has inspired so many incredible parodies and I laugh every single time. It is just so good. COMPILATION TIME!

I mean, The Flight of the Conchords have a lot of great dance-parodies because they look very easy and pretty much how we (aka those of us who can’t dance) would interpret that “Footloose”-scene but I don’t want to know how long it actually took to create this.

If people wouldn’t constantly call the police, I would angry-cry-dance a lot more often.

Best parody ever, the way they remade the entire movie seemingly unaware of how stupid the plot would be in the 21st century…that’s true commitment to make a statement. I bet Jack White is super-proud that they chose his music to criticise how Hollywood is caught in a wave of humorless remakes that do nothing for the modern viewer but remind him how good the original was (even if the original wasn’t that good to begin with. It gets good after seeing the remake, I tell you “The Room” will be Shakespeare after Craig Brewer remakes it).


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