Kadebostany: Russian Pop at its finest

I never really understand the world of pop. Throughout the years, I had some good picks on soon-to-be-famous artists like Florence and the Machine, Marina and the Diamonds, Awolnation, Gotye or Ellie Goulding. However, on many other occasions I predicted a major success on the mainstream-charts and nothing happened. You never know, as in real life, success in pop is not only about talent and amazing tunes but also luck, connections and those fickle “at the right place at the right time”-coincidences that I hate because you can’t control them.

However, looking at Kadebostany and the two singles they put out so far (there is supposedly a debut album somewhere…), I’d be surprised if there wouldn’t be some resonance as soon as their sophomore album hits the stores (which will be in October). It’s only two songs but both of them are incredibly smart, complex and darn catchy songs that even incorporate a certain Russian-ess if I may say so (there is a hardness about it, “Walking with a Ghost” has a certain militarist vibe that fits perfectly). Due to the awesome vocals that remind of Regina Spector at times but also pull off believable raps (seldom but awesome if successful). Of course, I use Regina Spektor who has Russian roots as well. That doesn’t mean that Kadebostany sound all too alike but Regina likes to use militaristic/folklorist themes as well, so it was a close pick.

“Jolan” shows the amazing voice of Amina who could be the next Adele if she wanted to*. She doesn’t though, the songs are way too dark, blend electronics, wave and soul-influences and create the kind of intelligent pop that now and then manages to sneak into the Billboard Charts to blow everyone away. I really want this to happen and can’t wait for the album.

*Given that they did a pretty exquisite cover of Beyoncés “Crazy in Love”, it’s clear that these guys and gals know how to work with RnB and Co. And that’s coming from me who thinks that covering Beyoncé is almost always useless because that woman can tear a house down with her voice. Chapeau, Kadebostany.


One thought on “Kadebostany: Russian Pop at its finest

  1. Great find! It feels like an improvement on Wild Belle, replacing the Caribbean theme with a slightly-militaristic folk brass. I like the mix of sleepy languid sounds with slow militaristic sounds. Another one for the gotta-learn-more list!


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