Preview: Róisín O ‘Hold On’

Now this is exciting folks, I am getting a preview which means that I was approached to present a video that won’t be due till Thursday (say what?).

Ok, so let’s start. You gotta love Irish names, it sounds a little naive and hopefully not insulting but for me they are always like little secrets when I read them because without any knowledge in celtic languages, I never know how they will sound like. And they always sound beautiful.

Speaking of beautiful, the Irish influences flow through Róisín O’s songs who does the kind of songwriting that is very clear, very simplistic in the use of instruments and therefore heavily relies on the voice. In Róisín’s case that’s all you need. In her 2010 EP “The Thrill” she evoked a little of the acoustic sets of the Cranberries (I had it in mind before I realized that they are also Irish, ok?). However, her current sound is slowly venturing out on its own but keeps a certain comfort in 90s songwriters that obviously touch the remnants of my teenage-heart. I also really like that it doesn’t try to be cool but lets the drama seep through.

“Hold On” has a lovely video directed by Simon Eustace who really should do a movie because his visuals and his patience for an image to unfold is perfect and fits the song. I don’t want to sound like an old lady here but it is so seldom to find vocalists that just let the melody speak without adding bits and bobs of vocal diddelidoodelies here and there (I call that the “Mariah Carey”-syndrome), so I always revel in it when it happens. The slight fairy-tale-vibe in the sparse musical background is a nice twist and works well for a release date during autumn.

Because Róisín’s inspiration for this song speaks to me on a personal level, I will quote her here :

“Sometimes our minds take us to dark places and it gets hard to escape. A very close friend of mine was going through a tough time, as happens to us all, and I found myself wanting, but unable to help make things better for him. Sometimes all you can do for someone is to be there for them and let them know that things will get better one day. This song is for him.”

Her album “The Secret Life of Blue” is out and can be purchased here and will be released in Germany on October 4th. I don’t know about ‘merica, though.

Oh, and one thing:

Just because puppets are always a delight, revel in this wonderful song that seems to be the exact opposite mood-wise as it is fun, celebrating and a little silly in all the felt-awesomeness of puppet-silliness.


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