Lazy Sunday: Adventure knitting Time

So, last night I was actually planing to go to a party but then my party-buddy had to cancel and I have a rule that I don’t go alone to a party where I only know the host (it’s in the top 10 rules of every socially anxious person, I guess), so I had to cancel and therefore had a lot of time to do some knitting and maybe or maybe not preparation for a Halloween costume. So…


Knitted Jake
Knitted Jake

I really love “Adventure Time”, it’s one of those great children’s cartoons that work for adults as well because despite being really charming, joyful and perky, it also features a lot of adult themes, off-putting humor and really beautiful stories (“Thank You” is a gorgeous stand-alone story about friendship and sacrifices that it melts your heart – without any real dialogue even!).

I also really appreciate that in this post-apocalyptic weird world of weird creatures, there’s not really any character that is just evil without any reason, so even someone like Ice King (who keeps on kidnapping princesses) is pretty likeable and has a sweet backstory that – again! – will drive you to tears.

It’s cool to know that the good old days of cartoons actually are not over but are still going strong and that the weird people in this world can create this for the mainstream audience. We need more weirdos on mass media, they do a lot of good.



3 thoughts on “Lazy Sunday: Adventure knitting Time

    1. Thank you, I am still surprised it worked out as well as it did. Usually, the images in my head don’t survive my skills in the real world.


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