Revere ‘My Mirror / Your Target’: Turn up the energy!

This seven (or eight?)-piece band is from the UK and figured out a way to sound like The Divine Comedy and Echo & The Bunnymen at once which is a surprisingly lovely sound, rich, dramatic (well, obviously with The Divine Comedy in the mix) and it finishes with some nice rock-moments, so those great pompous songs get thrown into some guitar-based chaos now and then.

“My Mirror / Your Target” is their second album, the feared sophomore, and I actually think that this kind of music works wonders in a live setting but might – as a whole – be one of those albums that look and sound best under celebratory circumstances (aka partey, getting ready for a party, preparing for the holidays, getting your motivation up to do that thing that you really wanted to do for quite some time). I wouldn’t suggest it for background noise at work or whilst writing though, because it is really high-energy and therefore demands your attention or at least your euphoric glee, so don’t even dare to ignore it, or it might punch you in the face! I actually always felt the same with The Ark who are a little crazy in their glamrock-retro-chic but work wonder when you need something glittery to wear for a night out.



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